How To Eat And Drink While Cycling And Why It Improves Your Performance


Cycling is an amazing activity that exercises the body and can provide a mode of transports that is healthy and quite cheap compared to the other methods. You might be wondering what cyclists do when they are in long races and need to eat or hydrate. Since they do not have the luxury to stop at a hotel and have a meal then continue with the race they carry their food and drinks with them. When you are participating in a race or just long rides you can carry your drinks and food with you and it is important to know how to eat and drink while cycling.


Carbohydrates are the best foods to eat while cycling. They have been proved to be the best types of foods to consume during rigorous exercises and cycling is an extreme form of sport. The primary reason why these foods are recommended is because they can be quickly broken down into glucose which is easy for the body to convert to the needed energy. Other foods such as fats and proteins can also be converted to glucose but take a longer period of time and the process in itself uses a lot of energy that should be focused on cycling.

How To Eat

Most professional cyclists have feed zones where they pick small bags packed with foods they might need to eat. If you are not in a professional race you might want to consider carrying your own light food that the body can use to get the glucose to continue supplying you with energy. You can cut energy bars into small bite size pieces and put it in your cycling jersey pocket.

. You will need some exercises to eat while cycling but once you get a grasp of it, it will be an automatic, easy process.


Since cycling is a physically demanding activity, dehydration is a common occurrence and this can effect your anaerobic testing. Some cyclists get dehydrated to a point of being unable to cycle anymore. To avoid such a scenario, you should equip yourself with a bottle of water or energy drink.This can be carried in a bag or placed on the bottle holder that most bikes have on the frame. The water can be refilled where possible because hydration is an important part of a smooth cycling experience.

How To Drink
Most water bottles are designed such that thy have a cap with a small opening that makes it easy to sip water or whatever drinks in the bottle. Since drinking large amounts of water at once can cause stomach discomforts such as bloats, it is wise just to take small sips as you cycle.

Things To keep in Mind

Eating or drinking while cycling requires that you understand the right foods to eat during your cycling session and in particular under heavy training loads or even if you’re doing something like a haematocrit test. The more you get this under control the more you are going to improve your cycling performance. And that’s what it’s all about right?

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